Things Anxiety Has Made Me Do

Anxiety is an often misunderstood mental illness. People think that those who suffer from anxiety are really just shy or timid. As a result, the majority of people do not appreciate the potentially debilitating effects of anxiety and how it can impact so many areas of someone’s life. To try and give an insight into the ways in which anxiety has distorted and manipulated my life experiences, I have compiled a short list of things which my anxiety has made me do:

  1. Violently vomit during an exam.
  2. Forget my own address whilst having to fill-in a form in front of a receptionist.
  3. Run out of shops before retail staff could approach me.
  4. Pretend I haven’t heard someone when really I just could not find the words to respond to their statement or question.
  5. Feign illness to get out of doing class presentations.
  6. Persuade my mum to order for me at cafes so that I do not have to speak out loud myself.
  7. Scream involuntarily when someone has spoken to me unexpectedly due to being so on-edge.
  8. Arrive 30 minutes early for everything in order to avoid the worry and stress of being late.
  9. Avoid going to events due to never having been to that specific location before and not being able to handle the ‘unknown’.
  10. Jump out of a dental x-ray because I felt trapped in the room (much to the anger of the orthodontist).
  11. Forget people’s names no matter how well I know them because of my mind being so scrambled.
  12. Wash my hands repetitively until they are red raw.
  13. Decline invitations to hang-out with my friends until I let them down so regularly that they give-up on me in the end.
  14. Lock myself inside my University room and not speak to anyone for days on end.
  15. Refuse to go to restaurants due to paranoia about the food and whether it will make me feel unwell.


Resources which give information about anxiety:

Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Mind, the mental health charity

Generalised anxiety disorder – NHS UK


16 thoughts on “Things Anxiety Has Made Me Do”

  1. Really glad you decided to share this; I’ve get particularly anxious regarding being late, to the point in which I will arrive insanely early to most events in order to avoid the anxiety. I’ve volunteered with those who’ve suffered badly with anxiety, and only then did I really understand how debilitating it could be.

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    1. I have such respect for people like you who make an effort to understand and respect those who suffer from anxiety, that is the way in which the stigma over mental health will be combatted. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!

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  2. I have faced horrific health battles but nothing has ever compared to my fight with anxiety. I never understood it fully until I got it, it completely takes my breath away. I admire your courage 😊👏🏻


    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles. Battling anxiety every day is so tough, I know you must have a lot of inner strength to face it on a daily basis as we both do. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!


      1. It took me ages before I was able to overcome my fear of the dentist. I had to find the right one, extremely understanding and specialised in treating people with sever anxiety and only then I managed to be treated! I love your blog, keep up the amazing work 😘

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  3. Thank you for sharing something that’s so personal to you, but gives such a good understanding to those who don’t understand anxiety and how it can control you as a person. The anxiety that I’m dealing with is completely different to yours and I find it interesting to see other people’s and how they deal with it. Keep up the blog posts and have a good week!

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