I don’t know where I would be without my two dogs, in fact I don’t even want to think about the possibilities. Some people don’t understand the bond or the relationship which flows between pets and their owners but personally I call my dogs my babies and my best friends.

Their trust and loyalty have opened up so many new doors for me. Before they came into my life, leaving the house could be an insurmountable task for me and so I would live day by day feeling trapped in my house. However, their eagerness to go outside and their boundless enthusiasm for the tiniest details on every walk has given me a new perspective on the outside world. Whilst I still think twice about leaving the house and panic about the process, when I have my dogs with me I can see our walks through their eyes as they appreciate every flower, smell and other animal that they go past. The way their eyes light up as we pass the front door gives me that extra push to confront my worries and anxieties for them.

I’ve always struggled to make friends and communicate the way I would want to with people but even when I feel at my most low about my lack of friends, my dogs can lift my spirit. When I first see them in the morning they bound up to me, tails wagging and rub-up against my legs, telling me that their love is unconditional. Whilst I find it difficult to trust people, I know that I can completely trust my dogs. They can sense when I am anxious or feeling vulnerable or sad and they never shy away from these emotions like humans can do, instead they do their best to protect me from any harm or bring me one of their favourite toys!

They have taught me to appreciate the little things, to put others before myself, to see the  world as full of possibilities rather than threats, to not languish in a bad mood when I could be playing with them instead and to have confidence in myself.



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