If I stay in here forever
Will you come get me?
Do I want you to puncture the surface?
Rather, just float on the outside,
Shapeless and stretching.
Keep an eye on me
But don’t come in between,
I can’t guarantee what you will see,
I don’t want you to become like me,
Not a mild affliction or contamination
But a full-blown malady;
Cutting off your life
Pinching the blood flowing in your veins,
Blocking your sacred arteries,
Spilling guts out of your mouth.


If you see too much then it won’t stop,
No amount of purification-
Society’s flushing out power-
Will stop the epidemic in your head.


Instead, let me fall,
Crash through the grimy cracks
And find a dark hole at the other side.
Smothered in darkness,
I will no longer dirty the light.


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